Carboxytherapy for Localized Fat

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Localized fat can be treated by carboxytherapy. Carbon dioxide is injected under the skin into the fatty region. This technique can help reduce fat in the belly, legs, arms, hips, and buttocks.

How does Carboxytherapy Work?

During carboxytherapy, gas is introduced into the skin, which leads to increased circulation within the tissue. Increased circulation brings greater amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the skin, which makes it function better, promoting cell renewal and increasing cell metabolism.

In addition, the tissue is cleaned of harmful toxins; increased circulation to the site allows the byproducts of fat to be carried away.

Results of Carboxytherapy for Localized Fat

Results of carboxytherapy for localized fat may be observed, on average, after the 6th or 7th treatment session. Putting your body into a fat burning mode by exercising and eating healthy will especially help the targeted area shrink as compared to untreated areas.

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