How to Prevent Asthma Attacks

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Substances within the house which may cause asthma include feathers, animal dander from cats or dogs, dust mites, and other insects.

Reducing exposure to the above allergens within the house will help prevent allergic reactions and is possible in a number of ways:

Preventing Allergy Reactions

  • Reduce the amount of carpet and rugs within the house. Rugs and carpets act as a magnet for particles and dust mites thrive and multiply within them. If removing carpet is not possible, be sure to vacuum it every week to remove the dust which may have settled within it.

  • Maintain humidity below 50% within the house. Dust mites and insects thrive in higher humidity and by lowering it you keep them from multiplying.

  • A cat or dog can trigger allergies through pet dander and may even bring outside contaminants inside the home. People with allergies should avoid keeping these animals.

  • Keep the filters in your ventilation system clean. If there is no air circulation system within the house, then using a separate air filter can help remove airborne contaminants.

  • If you suffer from food allergies avoid processed foods with hard to pinpoint ingredients and preservatives which may trigger an allergic reaction.
  • By following the guidelines above you’ll have greater control over your asthma symptoms and the chances of an asthma attack reoccurring will diminish immensely.

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