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Many types of anti-histamines are prescribed for the treatment of urticaria, also known as hives. Loratadine is one of the most popular ones. Anti-histamines work by blocking histamine receptors from binding with histamine. Histamine is released when an allergic reaction occurs and acts as a chemical signal for your nasal tissue to swell and leak fluid.

There are side effects to taking anti-histamines, however. Drowsiness is the most often cited side effect and it can cause your reaction time to drop. When taking anti-histamines you should avoid driving or operating machinery which could put you or somebody else in danger.

What is Urticaria or Hives?

Urticaria is a reaction between your body and a foreign substance. The reaction manifests itself as a raised rash with redness and itching. It can be caused by ingestion of certain foods or drugs as well as contact with irritating substances directly on the skin. If the reaction is sever, it may be difficult to breath and a visit to the emergency room is advisable.

Urticaria Home treatment (Complementary to Prescription)

Making an oatmeal bath can help provide relief for the symptoms of urticaria.

  • Use plain oatmeal without added sugar or other ingredients
  • Gather ¾ of a cup of oatmeal into a coffee filter or muslin piece
  • Create a sort of tea bag and tie it off or use rubber bands at one end
  • Fill your bath with warm water and throw in the oatmeal bag
  • Urticaria Natural Remedy

    Aloe-vera applied topically to the affected areas can help soothe the skin and help with healing.

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