Causes of Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a condition with many causes. Some of these causes may be normal as your life progresses, while others can be due to an imbalance or disease. Here is a list of common causes of hair loss:

  • Genetic factors: Hair loss can be inherited from the father or mother, like male and female pattern baldness.
  • Lack of nutrients: A poor diet can lead to sharp drop in the production of hair. Inadequate intake of foods rich in protein as well as certain vitamins leaves the body without the proper ingredients to grow hair.
  • Stress and anxiety: The emotional imbalance caused by stress and anxiety can cause hair loss. The good news is that once the stress is gone, the hair should return.
  • Use of chemicals: The use of unsuitable products on hair corrode the strands, leading to hair loss. Oils in the hair root are also washed away, leaving the root vulnerable.
  • Tight hairstyles: Hairstyles like braids or dread locks that are too tight pull on the hair and make it fall out. Additionally, intense brushing can weaken the scalp.
  • Postpartum and Menopause: Hormonal changes and stress can cause hair loss during these times in a woman’s life.
  • Anemia: The iron deficiency that causes anemia also effects hair production.
  • Fungal Infection: Usually occur on the scalp, leaving the region scaly, sensitive, and inflamed.
  • Environmental factors: Such as exposure to chlorine, wind, or heat
  • Reaction to medication use: The side effect of certain medications can lead to hair loss. Medicines that can cause hair loss include: warfarin, heparin, propiltiouracila, carbimazol, vitamin A, isotretinoin, acitretin, lithium, beta blockers, colchicine and amphetamines. Fortunately, after you stop taking these drugs, the hair grows back.
  • Alopecia areata: An autoimmune disease called alopecia areata is a condition that causes round patches of hair loss as your immune system attacks the follicles.
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