Oily Skin in Men

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Oily skin is caused by a number of factors including genetics, humidity, stress, and the reaction of the sebaceous glands within skin to hormonal signals.

Treatment for Male Oily Skin

  • Use neutral liquid soap
  • Use as an exfoliating product
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce humidity
  • Males with oily skin conditions caused by the onset of puberty should especially wash and cleanse their skin to prevent breakouts.

    Products for Male Oily Skin

    You must be careful when choosing the soaps and cleansers to use on your skin because if they are too harsh they will dry the skin out and cause irritation. Therefore, mild soaps should be used on the body, including glycerin based soaps. If harsh antibacterial soaps or wipes are used, it is important to wash them off and apply a non comedogenic moisturizer afterwards.

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