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What are Red Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks that are shades of red or purple are usually freshly formed and are in the beginning stages of healing. Stretch marks are scars that develop as a result of relatively fast tissue expansion that tears the skin. Pregnancy or rapid weight gain are typical causes of stretch marks. Your susceptibility to stretch marks may depend upon genetics or other factors like skin health and hydration.

Red Stretch Marks & Pregnancy

The appearance of red stretch marks during pregnancy is very common, and they can be improved with relatively simple aesthetic treatments. The key is to treat them as early as possible in order to promote healing and reduce the formation of scar tissue. Once a red stretch mark has turned white, it is much harder to treat.

Red stretch marks during pregnancy can be spotted on the breast, belly, or back. Moisturizing of the skin is the best way to combat red stretch marks at home. To prevent the worsening of current stretch marks and the formation of new ones it is recommended to use a moisturizer every day after you shower.

Red Stretch Marks Treatment

The best way to promote healing of red stretch mark is to not only moisturize your skin, but massaging the areas with stretch marks. This massage will help promote healing by stimulating circulation to the site of the stretch mark. It will also help skin remain elastic by reducing thick scarring. A scar gel with silicone may be applied to reduce the redness of the stretch marks as well.

Some tips to prevent red stretch marks:

  • Avoid very hot baths, as they dry out the skin
  • Drink plenty of water to ensure proper hydration of the skin
  • Don't use harsh detergent based soaps on your skin
  • Apply moisturizer after shower to lock in moisture before it can escape
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