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Stress has a wide range of effects on the body. Stress hormones may affect the skin, nails, and hair and change the way they function. One of these functions is the production of skin oils, which during stress increases and can aggravate conditions like dandruff. The function of hair growth itself can be altered during times of stress, resulting in hair loss.

How does Stress Induced Hair Loss Occur?

When you are stressed, your hair production may be hindered and hair that falls out and enters the rest phase of hair growth does not grow back right away. The accumulation of hair follicles suspended in that rest phase during stress means that the hair that is naturally falling out is not replaced. The thinning that results from this is stress induced hair loss.

How to Minimize Stress Induced Hair Loss

The best remedy for stress related hair loss is to get rid of the stress. Because this isn't always easy to accomplish, you can do things that will keep the hair follicles that are in the growth phase stay healthy:

  • Increase protein intake, and consider a supplement like hydrolyzed collagen.
  • Consider taking supplements of Vitamin A, C, D, and E as well as B complex, or eating vitamin rich foods.
  • Is Stress Induced Hair Loss Reversible?

    Fortunately, stress related hair loss is usually reversible. When your stress levels are reduced and your bodily functions return to normal, the hair follicles of your scalp that have entered the rest state will “awake” and begin to produce hair once again.

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