Depression and Allergies

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Depression and allergies may just go hand in hand. One does not necessarily cause the other, but people that suffer from depression are also more likely to suffer from allergies as well. This may be due to the adverse reactions to an anti-depression medication. It may also be the other way around.

A person with severe allergic attacks could be sleep deprived and suffer from a lower quality of life, including headaches, tiredness, and a general unpleasantness. Like medication used to treat depression, allergy medicine also has adverse effects such as mood swings and increased anxiety. A person experiencing the symptoms of allergies and the side effects from allergy medication can feel more depressed as a result of this experience.

While depression and allergies are linked, they don’t always go together. Not all people who experience one will necessarily also suffer from the other. Care should be taken in keeping track of medication and potential side effects that may be related to depression and allergies. If a particular combination of medication is found to cause a bad reaction in an individual, consult with a doctor and tell him or her about the reaction.

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