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The UN or United Nations is the successor to the League of Nations. Established on October 24th, 1945 with the goal of maintain world peace and security, the United Nations encourages dialogue between member nations. It promotes social progress, human rights, and better living standards.

The United Nations Security Council is composed of China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United states. Members of the Security Council have veto power over any decisions. 

The current UN Secretary-general is South Korean Ban Ki-moon who was elected on October 11th, 2006 and will continue to serve through a second term gained on Jyne 21st, 2011 until 2016. He has been successful in promoting peacekeeping missions in Darfur and speaking out about the dangers of global warming.

The UN is comprised of 193 members nations, governed by the UN Charter, which is a treaty of international rights and obligations.

The UN’s main headquarters is in New York City and its international Court of Justice or ICJ is in Hague, Netherlands.  Other offices are in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna.