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What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy, is a treatment that utilizes the inhalation of salt particles in order to treat respiratory issues such as allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and rhinitis.

Where does Salt Therapy Take Place?

Salt therapy usually takes place in the caverns of salt mines, where the walls are covered with salt and the air has a natural abundance of salt particles. Halogenerators can be used to mimic that atmosphere by crushing, ionizing, and releasing salt particles into the air. A salt lamp where a hollowed out lump of salt crystal is heated from the inside can create a similar effect.

How does Salt Therapy Work?

Salt therapy originated when people began to notice that salt miners had a surprisingly healthy respiratory system. Spas within excavated salt mines were established to confer these same benefits to the general public.

It has been hypothesized that the salt ions release the airways and act as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substance within the lungs. Another possibility is the fact that air within salt mines is unusually free from any kind of pollutants and contains a higher pressure, which makes it easier to breathe.

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