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What is a Hand Allergy?

A hand allergy is a contact allergy that manifests itself on your hands. Redness, itching, inflammation and flaking of skin immediately or within 12 hours of contact with an irritant or allergen are signs you may have it. The allergy can be localized to the area of contact or appear on the whole hand.

Hand Allergy Symptoms

  • Rash
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Skin flaking
  • Causes of Hand Allergy

    Hand allergies can be caused by any number of agents because the hands are constantly in contact with detergents, soaps, and other chemicals during everyday life.

    Like contact dermatitis it may be caused by reactions with a plant like poison ivy or poison oak. More likely, however, is that contact with harsh cleaning products and solvents is what caused it. Jewelry containing chromium or nickel may also cause a reaction.

    Treatment of Hand Allergy

    Using gloves while cleaning with harsh chemical agents can prevent many reactions. Be sure to use gloves made of a material your skin tolerates.If you notice a reaction after a piece of jewelry is worn, avoid wearing that jewelry. If your hands are irritated but not inflamed, hand creams can help soothe and heal them.

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