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Perfume allergy can manifest itself through itchy, red, irritated skin if sprayed on the skin, or stuffy, runny nose and irritated eyes if breathed in. Cases of perfume allergy are rarely serious, but they can be quite uncomfortable.

Cause of Perfume Allergy

There is a mind boggling array of ingredients in perfume. Therefore, it is quite difficult to identify what it is that actually triggered the allergy. Furthermore, unlike foods, perfumes do not come with an ingredient list.

Most of the time, however, it is the fragrance itself, such as an essential oil, that is the cause of the allergic reaction. Signs that point to having an allergy towards the fragrance within a perfume include having adverse reactions to other products that contain fragrances, like soaps. An allergy test can help determine what you are allergic to.

Treatment of Perfume Allergy

If you notice an adverse reaction with perfume sprayed on your skin, it is best to flush the area with cold water. Avoiding further contact with the perfume is a good idea. Cortisone cream may help alleviate the symptoms from the area of contact.

A way to avoid irritation from perfumes is to not spray them directly onto the skin. Wearing perfume is possible by light spray on the outside of your clothing. If you notice sneezing and a runny nose, it is best to avoid the perfume you are allergic to.

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