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Essential Packing Checklist for a Day at the Beach

The surf, the sand, the cute guys and gals… volleyball and horseshoes and bodysurfing and seashell collecting—a trip to the beach can be just the escape from reality that you’ve been craving! Whether your trip has been planned for months or you just decided to hit the shores five minutes ago, packing can be tedious and forgetting items is not an uncommon event! Save time and space by only packing those absolute necessities to stay stylish and chic at your vacation destination!

Depending on the duration of your stay, you may need certain items only if you plan to spend an overnight. For the sake of completeness, this article attempts to offer you a quick and easy guide for packing those important items so you don’t forget anything at the last minute!

Body Care Items

* Even if you want the perfect tan, you should definitely consider bringing suntan lotion to protect your skin from overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Many people are all too accustomed to baking on the beach, but studies find more and more just how dangerous direct sun exposure can be. To get a decent tan without fully exposing yourself to the UV rays, apply a lower-level SPF lotion, such as SPF15 or SPF30. Meanwhile, don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the powerful rays!

* But what if you do get sunburn? You won’t have as much fun if everything you do on vacation hurts due to that annoying, sore redness… so just slap on some aloe! You can tote along a medium-sized plastic bottle with you to the shore, and you’ll thank yourself for doing just that if you happen to catch a few too many “Z’s” on the beach.

* Make sure you also pack a bottle of cocoa butter lotion—another miraculous ointment. Use the aloe to decrease the burning sensation upon your skin. Once that dries, prevent peeling and re-moisturize the affected area by rubbing in a little cocoa butter—the stuff works wonders!

* Gritty sand often finds its way into the eyes of the unsuspecting when friends are hanging out at the beach. To soothe afflicted eyes, keep eye drops on hand

Whether a storm kicks up or sand flies off the volleyball right into your eyes, you will be immensely grateful to have those drops!

* Keep in mind traditional overnight items such as body wash, deodorant or antiperspirant, toothpaste and your toothbrush, shaving gel and razors, towels, tweezers, and so forth.

Clothing and Accessories

* Let’s not forget the obvious: wallet, purse to match your outfits, camera and film, batteries, bag for toting items to the beach, and any sports equipment, books or items that you might wish to have.

* Get flirty with a cute sarong or bathing suit wrap to sport to the beach! If you are in competitive mode, bring a pair of comfy shorts so you can beat up on the guys in football and Frisbee!

* Pack two towels so that you have one to put beneath you on the sand and one that is free of sand for when you emerge from the ocean. A beach blanket or beach mat will serve the same purpose equally well.

* Remember those old T-shirts you got for participating in sports, events or somehow got for free? Well, pack at least one of those because they serve as great multipurpose devices… need a pillow for resting your head, or a lightweight piece of fabric to shield your face from the sun when you lie down, or a larger garment to block the sun from further ailing your aching sunburn? This great old T-shirt will do it all!

* Typical articles of clothing to remember: Shorts and shirts, jeans or long pants, a sundress, a long-sleeve shirt and/or a hooded sweatshirt, pajamas, two bathing suits (so you have one to wear while the other is drying) and underclothes. Remember to bring a windbreaker or lightweight jacket for evenings on the boardwalk or off the coast!

* Important Footwear to pack: I know it will be hard, but try to limit the number of sandals and shoes you bring on vacation. Definitely pack sandals or flip-flops, sneakers and shoes that look nice with a dressier outfit. (Tip for packing shoes: Make efforts to coordinate outfits to look nice with one pair of sandals to reduce the number of shoes you will be bringing. Point of fact: one entire bag should not contain shoes alone!)

Hair Care Items

* As you would do on any overnight excursion, pack your brush and comb, shampoo and conditioner, and general hair accessories. To avoid huge bottles of styling and hair care products, stores generally carry a line of “travel-sized” products and items. (If you are on a low budget, consider collecting the small samples of shampoo and conditioner from hotels, as the hotel staff provides them especially for your use. And what a surprise—these items fit perfectly in your tiniest travel bag!)

* Worried about frying the top of your head while you’re in the ocean or getting down with the sports? Take steps to prevent sunburn from attacking your scalp, by wearing a bandana or a hat.

* If dried-out, brittle hair is your main concern after all that exposure to chlorine, saltwater and the sun, relax! A deep-conditioning treatment or masque will restore moisture and brilliance to your hair in no time.

Make Up

* Keep lips soft, smooth and kissable with flavored lip-gloss. Another benefit of this addictive slick stuff is that some brands contain a low-level SPF (such as SPF15) to give your lips extra protection from the UV rays. You want your memories of the beach to last, not your sore, burnt lips!

* Waterproof mascara is the only way to go to prevent a total washout of your eyes. You’ll be grateful when a strong wave dunks you under and your make-up pristinely endures. (Remember to pack make-up remover, as most waterproof mascara is highly resistant!)

* Choose a concealer stick or powder compact for disguising blemishes because liquid foundation can quickly become a mess in the day’s heat. Another tip: make-up bottles do not ship well when stored in luggage, purses and duffel bags. A bottle of liquid foundation is a nightmare if it somehow loses its top in transit because it can potentially coat the entire contents of the bag. If leaving behind the foundation is simply not an option, use a zip-lock bag to protect the rest of your luggage!

* Need some color to lighten things up? Pack a shade or two of your favorite eye shadow to dress up for the occasion, but be wary of your lipsticks as they tend to melt in the heat.

After you have read this list, go through a quick checklist in your head….What can’t you live without? What would you be forced to buy if you forgot it? What have you packed that you will never need? Good luck with your packing—and remember, you are going on vacation to have fun first and foremost, so if you do forget something, don’t let it ruin your day!

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