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Follow a simple makeup trick to make your wide-set eyes balance themselves and really stand out!

If you’re trying to make your eyes a feature that really pops, all you need to know are a few simple makeup tricks to make your eyes truly noticeable.

First of all, eyebrows are a great way to manipulate how your eyes look. Brows act as a frame for your eyes, and can make them look larger and wide-open. Using a firm-bristled, angled brush and a neutral eye shadow that matches your brow color, fill in the brow with the color. First apply the shadow to the inner corner of your brow, making sure not to lay down too much color. Then lightly stroke outwards, keeping the color light as you get to the sparser hairs. If too much color is applied, run a clean mascara wand or toothbrush over your brows to lighten them up. When tweezing, be sure to always grab the stray hairs from beneath your brows.

Now, if you’re tying to correct eyes that seem too far apart, you have to concentrate on the inner corner of the eye when applying makeup. This is accomplished by using a darker shade to bring your eyes together. Sweep a neutral base color over your entire lid, using a small, soft powder brush. For more color, use the foam applicator that came with your eye shadow; for less, use a fingertip. If you are worried about making the base color stay on your lids, prep your eyelids with a foundation or a concealer, and then sweep on the shadow. This will help “lock” the powder in place.

Now, apply a darker tone to the inner corner of your eye, but very lightly, drawing the color gently out towards your ears. There should be more color deposited on the inner corner than on the lids themselves. But keep it very light – you should just have a hint of color on the inner corners of your eyes.

Eyeliner is another great tool to help emphasize and define your eyes. Pick either a liquid liner (which is a little more difficult to maneuver) or an eyeliner pencil. For liquid liner, rest your elbow on a sturdy surface and use your other hand to lightly draw the skin of your top lid out towards your ear. Line very lightly along the lashes, a thicker line will be more dramatic. If you choose an eyeliner pencil, be sure it’s sharpened. Apply the same way as the liquid liner, but keep in mind that you can run a cotton swab over the line to blend or smudge for a smokier look.

For your wide-set eyes, be sure to line the bottom lashes first. You may not even have to do the top lid, for the lower ones will help define and create a boundary to the eyes, creating an illusion that they are set a little closer together.

Always apply mascara when you are done, just a simple sweep on the top and bottom lashes will help make your eyes pop. Be sure to start with clean lashes, and place the mascara wand at the base of your lid, wiggling the wand slightly as you sweep it up on the lashes. Then, without re-dipping the wand into the tube of mascara, sweep a coat onto the bottom lashes. There should be enough mascara left on the brush to cover them without clumping.

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