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Using a simple makeup trick, its now easier than ever to balance the effect of close-set eyes

If the eyes really are the window to the soul, then why not do everything to maximize their beauty? With an entire industry devoted to cosmetics, finding anything you need to make your eyes stand out as one of your most amazing features shouldn’t be hard at all… even if you find your eyes to be less than ideal.

When regarding eyes are as feature of beauty, one should keep in mind that an almond eye shape is considered best. So when using makeup, keep in mind that a blend of both light and dark shades will help give an illusion of an almond appearance.

When dealing with close-set eyes, the goal is to make them appear farther apart by extending their area towards your ears. A dark shadow will be needed on the outer half of your lid to create this effect.

When applying eye shadow, one should use a small, soft powder shadow brush to apply a neutral base color over the entire lid. Using a small brush is better than using the foam applicator that is usually included within your eye shadow compact; the foam applicator will often deposit too much shadow on the lid – perfect for a dramatic effect, but maybe not what you’re going for when trying to be neutral. FYI, using a finger tip will deposit even less shadow than a soft powder brush.

Now, blend a darker tone into the outer area. The inner top lid can be left neutral if you’d like, or try a summery, glittery tone. Blend a deeper shade into the eyelid’s crease, giving depth to the eye. Highlight the brow bone with a lighter shade, as this will give the eyes a soft, open look and help draw the viewer’s gaze to the eye region. Keep in mind that lighter shades will emphasize and highlight, while darker tones will help define and dramatize.

If you want to include eye liner in your makeup regime, decide if you want the dark, dramatic sweep of a liquid liner or the sootier finish of an eye pencil. No matter which you choose, keep your elbow on a sturdy surface and use your other hand to gently pull the delicate skin of your lid out towards your ear, giving yourself a smoother surface with which to work. Draw a line slowly from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, keeping the line very even. Run the powder brush lightly over the line when it’s dry to help lock the color in place.

Help out your close-set eyes by using the pencil to draw a little outwards from your top lid, lengthening your lash line towards your ears. This will also give your eyes a more exotic look.

When using an eye pencil, be sure to keep the point sharpened as this will make drawing the line on even easier, and will also keep the tip clean and hygienic. If the line is too dramatic, use a cotton swab to lighten it up. Remember, using an eye pencil will also allow for a smokier look.

Finally, apply mascara. Look upwards and open your eyes wide, using the mascara wand to apply a coat to your top lashes. Then, without re-dipping the wand into the rube of mascara, sweep it onto the lower lashes. Allow drying, you may apply a second coat to the top lashes if you wish. If you spot clumps, use a clean mascara wand or a brow brush to pick them off, being very careful not to smear your makeup.

Be sure to pay closer attention to the lashes on the outer corners of your eyes; again, this emphasizes the outer area, balancing your close-set eyes.

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