Lymphatic Facial Drainage

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Contrary to how it sounds, lymphatic facial drainage does not involve the use of a needle or other invasive instrument. It is actually a massage that works by squeezing out built up lymph fluid in order to eliminate the swelling and sagging of facial skin.

Lymphatic facial drainage is also a good way to promote the recovery of patients with facial surgery. Lymphatic fluid may build up after surgery as your body attempts to repair the site. Swelling, bruising, and bags under the eyes are common during this period of tissue repair. The lymphatic drainage massage pushes old fluid out and promotes better circulation. This removes contaminants and broken down tissue, while allowing fresh fluid to circulate in and speed up the repair process.

Benefits of Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage

A lymphatic facial drainage massage brings many benefits to individuals of all ages. The benefits of a facial lymphatic drainage include:

  • Decreased facial swelling
  • Improved facial blood circulation
  • Better results than cosmetic products alone
  • Removal of toxins
  • Stimulation of the body's defense system
  • Lymphatic Facial Drainage Massage Video

    Lymphatic facial drainage can be done by you in front of a mirror. You may use creams to help your fingers glide along your skin. This video demonstrates the procedure: