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Eyeliner can accompany any look. The type of eyeliner you use will depend on the look you want to have. All that is necessary are a few tips and tricks to make your eyeliner work for you.

There are different eyeliners for different effects. The eyeliner you use depends on the look you want to have. Liquid eyeliner gives you an intense, sharp-edged color; pencil gives a smudged effect and shadow creates a soft line. The way you apply your eyeliner depends on the shape of your eyes, whether they are small, round, have vanishing lids, deep-set, close-set, wide-set, down turned or mature eyes.

Here are the basics to apply eyeliner:

You should always check your eyeliner (whichever below you are using) on the back of your hand to check color intensity, or in the case of the pencil, to sharpen the point and warm the tip to the skin.

Always pull your lid taut when applying the eyeliner, and start from the inner corner to the outer corner. To lessen the chance of bacteria, be careful with the inner rims of your eyes; always use a freshly sharpened pencil because a fresh surface lessens the chance of introducing bacteria.

Pencil Eyeliner

1. Pull the lid taut and starting at the inner eye, glide the pencil smoothly along the upper lid, getting as close to the lashes as possible.

2. Using a small eye shadow brush, blend the line from the inner eyelid to the outer lid. This will soften the line, refines the desired eye shape, and softens the color.

3. If you wish a line on the lower lid, use a light hand to trace a gentle line of color near the lashes.

4. Smudge the liner under the eyes with a small eye shadow brush.

Eye Shadow Eyeliner

This is the most versatile eyeliner you can have because you can use it dry for a soft line, or use it wet for more intensity and staying power.

1. Wet your eyeliner brush and work it into your powder shadow.

2. Close your eyelid and gently pull the skin taut with finger and sweep color along the upper lid, getting as close to your lashes as possible.

3. Line the lower lid, if desired, staying close to lashes.

4. If color or shape is not what you desire, use a flat eye shadow brush to blend and soften the line after the shadow has dried completely. If that doesn’t work apply the shadow dry.

Liquid or Cake Liner Eyeliner

This is the most difficult to apply. You should have a q-tip with makeup remover handy for any fixes. Liquid eye liner should be applied before any other makeup.

1. Close your eye and pull lid taut with fingertips.

2. Start at the inner corner to the outer corner and pull the eyeliner brush in a straight, even line as close to lashes as possible, or do connect-the-dots to take it at a slower pace.

3. To apply to the lower lid, turn the brush vertically to get beneath the lashes and apply carefully. You might wish to use a pencil or shadow liner for bottom lid for a softer look.

Some Extra Tips

- Take the edge off a too-harsh line with loose powder or eye shadow blended on with eye shadow brush.

- If you put eyeliner next to your lashes it makes them look thicker but you must leave no bare spots.

- Never line the lower lid only it drags down your face making it look sad.

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