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Ever wonder how to choose a feature to accent? Read on for tips on choosing your best feature and ways to accent it.

Every woman has at least one feature that she wants to detract from, and the best way to detract from an unflattering feature is to accent a better one. But sometimes, the more difficult question is how to choose which feature to accent? That decision depends on several factors.

Is there a feature that people tend to compliment on a regular basis? If so, that might be one to choose. For example, do people comment on your beautiful blue eyes or delicate neck? Do other women pout jealously over your perfectly curved waist and swelling hips? Think for a minute about the compliments you receive on your body. If there’s a certain area that is perpetually complimented, that is a feature you might choose to accent.

Another consideration is to think about what feature flaws you want to detract from. If you’re heavy hipped and want to draw attention away from the lower half of your body, you might try accenting your face or shoulders. If you feel your face isn’t your best feature but you really have great legs, draw attention down to those instead.

Some women tend to over-accentuate because they’re not sure how much is too much. Accenting a specific body part should be simple, and you should only add emphasis to one feature at a time. Accenting is highlighting, and you definitely want to pick your best feature to highlight!

Here are some tips for successfully highlighting different features.

EYES. If you want your eyes to be the center of attention, some eye makeup will draw them out. If you normally wear glasses, consider contact lenses. When a glasses-wearer puts in lenses and sweeps a little eyeliner and mascara over her lashes, it can really make a difference.

MOUTH. If your mouth is your best feature, invest in a lipstick that compliments your skin coloring and wear it proudly.

FACE: A pretty scarf that compliments your skin tone will bring attention to your face. Alternately, sweeping your hair away from your face and putting on a pair of dazzling earrings can create the same effect.

NECK. Choose a necklace that will grab eyes and make people notice how swanlike your neck is.

HANDS. A selection of rings decorated with your favorite semi- precious stones will draw attention to your hands . . . as will a pretty manicure.

WAIST. A stylish belt will bring attention to a narrow waist. You can also use a long scarf as an accent, or use contrasting colors for your top and bottom. By wearing a light shade up top and a dark one on the bottom, you’ll draw attention to the place where the color shifts.

LEGS. Slim pants accent long legs, and selecting a fun ankle bracelet can draw the eye downward as well.

FEET. If your feet are among your best features, make sure to have a pedicure in funky colors – and wear sandals to show them off. Invest in a toe ring for a little more youthful look.

What if you’re not sure what your best features are, and people don’t compliment you much? Take a long, hard look in the mirror and figure out what feature YOU like best. Do you think your eyes sparkle, or that your legs go on for miles? Sometimes, women tend to be unsure of their best features and cloak in camouflage – baggy clothes, unflattering colors, etc. It might be worth investing in a personal consultation with a dresser to figure out what your best features are, and to learn how to best accentuate yourself. The most important thing to remember is that no matter which feature you choose to accent, go out with confidence! A confident air is the best accessory, and any woman can wear it comfortably.

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