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Achieving the ultimate color of bronzed beautiful skin is a common goal across the U.S. Although many of us go about it in different ways, a popular option is the tanning bed. In any tanning salon, you will find a wide range of available products to help enhance the process. They all promise to make you darker faster. Some have a hefty price tag. They can actually be more expensive than a month of visits to the tanning salon itself! It helps to know which products have proven results that will fit into your budget.

To understand the basics, here is a quick health lesson:

We tan as a defense mechanism. Our body produces melanin in response to exposure to ultraviolet light. The pigment absorbs the UV light. Melanin production takes several hours. This is why you get darker in one day at the beach than in several 15 minute sessions in the tanning bed. So, to get darker in these 15-20 minute sessions, you need a product that will stimulate your body to produce melanin.

The tanning product that promises a fast, deep tan is commonly called an "accelerator." The accelerators that will stimulate melanin production have ingredients like psoralen or tyrosine in them. Psoralen is extracted from citrus oils. Tyrosine is a version of L-Tyrosine, an amino acid that the body naturally produces. Look for these ingredients in an accelerator to aid in maximum results. There are other factors to consider.

Choose an Accelerator that Works For You:

1. Know your skin type. If you need extra moisturizing usually, you definitely will when exposed to hot sunlamp bulbs and fans. Keep in mind any allergies. If you find that common tanning lotion ingredients, such as aloe, are a problem for you, there are hypoallergenic products available.

2. Determine the amount you’d like to spend. Consumer reviews on the internet showed favorable ratings for accelerators at $8 and at $28. It is possible to find one you like in your budget. Have the tanning salon staff explain to you the benefits of what they have available. If you find that their products are more than you wanted to spend, check the internet or beauty supply stores for bargains on the same product. If salon product is too much, shop your local drugstore or mass retailer’s tanning lotion section. There are accelerators there too.

3. Tingle or non-tingle? Some accelerators have what is called a tingle factor. The accelerators that are non-tingle are for all skin types. Tingle accelerators are for those that rarely burn and have frequent exposure to UV light. Tingle accelerators will also make your skin red and provide a sensation similar to a sting or tingle. It can be intense for some. On the positive side, some tingle accelerators provide a sensation that seems to cool you while in the bed.

4. Scent: There are as many scents available as there are brands. Most women seem to choose based on scent. If you don’t like the scent of the accelerator, there may be others offered by that same brand. A consumer review reported that the scent of the lotion line "Hemp" was pleasant and that she felt the ingredient helped her darken faster. A popular line, "Babie," by Jon Abate, smells like baby lotion and is so light that it blends easily and doesn’t clog pores. Consider the other benefits and don’t choose the product on scent alone

5. Availability: If you use a tanning bed at home, or you don’t want to spend a lot on your accelerator, you may want a product that is readily available in discount retailers. Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropic, and other common brands have their own accelerators. These can be found in drugstores and mass retailers. A product that had great consumer reviews and only an $8 price tag was Coco Beach. There are many online retailers or direct from vendor sites as well. Some offer discounts on the most popular salon products.

Once you’ve chosen the product you’d like to use, remember to apply early for maximum results! If you want to stimulate melanin with an accelerator, it is best to apply it about a half hour before tanning bed use.

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