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Provides a detailed list to guide buying and using the tools you need to give a great at home pedicure.

An at-home pedicure can be more than a coat of nail polish. Equipped with the right tools and the necessary know how, your little piggies can start receiving salon quality pampering right in the comfort of your own home today.

Start by cutting and shaping your toenails before soaking. To do so you will need a pair of clean, rust free, dirt free steel nail clippers. While it is possible to cut nails with your average pair of clippers, a large pair with a grip to help avoid slips is best. Another handy feature available in many brands is a built-in clippings catcher. This way your pampering session need not be ended with a sweep up. Keep your toenails cut in a straight, square shape cut above the quick to avoid the development of ingrown toenails. To perfect the shape and file any rough or uneven edges the clippers may have left behind, use a nail file board.

Once again, a cheap nail file board will do but a professional board is best. The professional boards are wide to provide easier handling and control and flexible without being flimsy. Either way, choosing a double-sided board is essential. One side should have more coarse grains and the other should have fine grains. The coarser side should be used to help shape while the finer side should be used for smoothing off the rough edges. Some brands offer boards designed to meet the needs of your nails based on their hardness. If you have especially weak nails, a board made for hard nails might not be right for you.

Once shaping is complete it is time to sit back and soak your feet. If you soak first, the water can make your toenails too weak to properly cut and file. A tub is something you already have at home, but balancing on the edge of your tub is not exactly sitting in the lap of luxury. A plastic container of the right dimensions would work fine, as long as it is wide enough to comfortably fit both feet at once and can hold ankle-deep water. If you prefer something a little more luxurious, select a foot spa that that heats, bubbles and massages.

For maximum enjoyment select a foot soak solution that contains a relaxing aroma or softening ingredient. Using a product that contains vitamin E and essential oils will soften, condition and moisturize your feet. Another popular ingredient is peppermint, which invigorates and cools. You may even choose to float some extravagant fresh flowers in the water for added fragrance and beauty.

It is important not to overlook your cuticles. Apply a cuticle remover to cuticles and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then you should push down back your cuticles with a strong wooden cuticle stick that is flattened on one or both ends. Metal sticks work but are not as good for your cuticles and they can cause injury. You may choose to use a cuticle nipper to cut off any hangnails but a clean pair of nail cutters will work as well.

A pumice stone is one of the most important tools you can use during a pedicure. Rubbing the pumice stone over rough spots on your feet can vastly improve the look and feel of your feet. It works on the rough areas by sloughing off the rough patches without cutting or hurting your feet. Select one that is large enough to fit comfortably in your hand. For better control, choose a large stone with an attached handle. Some brands even incorporate fragrances or colors to the pumice stone for added pleasure.

Once you have completed the essential steps you are ready to polish. To keep feet looking great between pedicures, moisturize your feet daily.

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