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The dramatic results from the use of eyelash powdering can make a noticeable difference for women with little to no eye lashes.

Imagine having eyes that are attention getters. It is not impossible. Applying eyeliner brings the eyes out, but the effect desired may still not be there. Maybe all that is missing is some eyelash powdering to make those eyes just a bit more desirable.

Professional make-up artists use the technique of eyelash powdering to create the look of lots of eye lashes. A lot of lashes enunciates the eye and makes it look bigger. It makes the eye lashes stand out when mascara is applied, but it is not the same as applying eyeliner. Using this technique brings out eyelashes for someone who looks like they don’t have any, and can bring more attention to the eyes. Eyelash powdering should actually be used with eyeliner to give small eyes a more dramatic effect. If you think your eyes look big with just eyeliner, they look even bigger when eyelash powdering is used.

If you wanted to, you could go down to the beauty boutique and purchase Revlon’s Lash Fantasy® Primer & Mascara which aims to provide the same results. The Primer for this Lash Fantasy acts as the eyelash powdering.

To get the same look you really don’t have to spend money, all you need is eye shadow, powder, or baby powder, an eye shadow brush not more than 3/8 inch wide, and mascara for the final touch. These should all be pretty common staples found in the bathroom.

How to Apply Eyelash Powdering

1. Face mirror with head tilted back, and eyes straight ahead.

2. Hold eyelid slightly taut by placing finger on the upper outside corner of eye to avoid blinking.

3. Dip a flat, square-tipped eye shadow brush into powder, tapping off any excess. (Too much powder can cause powder to get in the eyes).

4. Starting on the upper outside corner of eyelid, gently press tip of brush right at the roots of the eye lash, but not on the moist inner rim of the eyelid. Powder only should be applied to the eyelashes.

5. Continue pressing along the entire eye lash line, working from outside corner of eye all the way to the inside. The eyelashes should be the only area coated with powder.

Apply the same process to both sets of eyelashes. If you desire, you can apply eyeliner before finishing the process. Eyelash powdering is only the start; the powder acts as a primer or thickener which adheres to the eyelashes. To show off the eyelash powdering, next mascara is applied to the underside of the upper lashes and to the lower lashes. Carefully work to avoid clumping by applying the mascara in small thin layers to each set of lashes.

The mascara should be applied three consecutive times. Be sure to have a q-tip handy to clean up any small mishaps or mistakes around your eyes made when applying the mascara. Eyelash powdering should be a regular process for any girl with the look of little to no lashes. The result is thick, long, flirty eyelashes that get a girl with few lashes noticed. This is perfect for any social event, a little added extra to eye that guy you’ve been interested in, or a school photo.

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