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How to Do Your Makeup to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller Using Makeup Tips and By Playing Up Other Features

Before attempting to make your nose appear smaller, take a look at all of the incredibly beautiful women with strong noses. Sophia Loren, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman and model Gisèle Bündchen, to name a few, all have prominent noses, but are some of the most beautiful women in the world. All of these women have incredible screen presence, beauty, sex appeal, fashion sense, but more importantly they have stayed true to themselves and have not changed a thing. Here are some hip tips to make your nose appear smaller with some secret tricks of the trade.

Trade Secrets

First off, you need to have confidence, just as all of the women mentioned above have. You need to learn to love it as many women with prominent noses have. The confidence will show through. And, confidence is sexy.

A great tip to down play your nose is to always powder it, with your true skin tone color. A shiny nose draws attention to it in general. It’s all about shading here as well. Try sweeping some bronzing powder carefully down the sides if it’s too wide. Apply the bronzing powder to the tip, if your nose is to long. Both of these tips create the illusion of a smaller nose.

There are so many things you can do to downplay your nose. Focus on other features for instance. If you have beautiful eyes, really do them up with liner and mascara. Always remember that you can make eye’s pop with shading – light pops, dark conceals. The focus will be off your nose and on your gorgeous eyes.

Enlarge Your Lips

Make them appear larger with lip liner, a nude lip-gloss and the secret… by placing extra shine in the middle of your pout on both the upper and lower lip, your lips will appear larger – and guess what, your nose will appear smaller. It’s all about balancing out your features.

Hair Tips... Because Hair Matters

Your hair also plays a large role in the illusion of a smaller nose. Beware of parting your hair down the middle. This will only make your nose seem larger than it is. Choose a side you’re most comfortable parting on and do that. A little body and height with your hair is always good for balancing your facial features out. The hairstyles you choose can make your nose less of a focal point and more of an asset. Don’t choose styles that frame too much of the face. Your nose can actually look less prominent if it is swept up or worn down with subtle layers.

Remember, having a more prominent nose can be a blessing. Who would have thought a larger nose can actually make you look stronger and more beautiful, but it does. Praise your nose and with these hip beauty secrets, you’ll look and be more confident knowing there’s something a little makeup can do that going under the knife can’t – you’ll be yourself.

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