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Almost 100 years and as successful as ever, L'Oreal is one of the top in haircare, cosmetics, bath & body, and some of the top named brands found in households around the world.

L'Oreal is a household name that is known across the world in several countries. Founded in 1907, by a chemist named Eugene Schueller, L'Oreal evolved from hair coloring to cleansers and beauty products.

Today L'Oreal has over 500 brands and more than 2000 products, including bath and body, perms, hair coloring, styling products, cleansers, cosmetics, perfumes, and any other beauty product a woman could ever need, want, or ask for. Many of these items can be found anywhere from your local corner store, supermarket, beauty salons, or the internet for an affordable price.

Garnier, one of the brands features a whole line of shampoos and conditioners containing a number of fruit acids along with vitamins B3 and B6. One of the styling products they offer is Fiber Gum Putty. Fiber Gum Putty is a long lasting gel that provides long last hold without the build up of a sticky gel and can be used on wet or dry hair.

Lancome is another well known brand of L'Oreal that offers various cosmetics and beauty products. Lancome is usually associated with boutiques or beauty salons, but in fact you can purchase many of these items for a fraction of the cost online at their website. Dual Powder is a great seller for Lancome, as it can be used as a powder or as a foundation when applied to a damp face. Online you can purchase the Dual Powder for around $33.

From Lash Expansion Waterproof mascara to the Lip Express Lipstick N' Liner in One, Maybelline is definitely a great selection for variety. With over 17 different types of mascara, Maybelline is a fantastic addition to the success of L'Oreal.

Have you ever noticed after swimming your hair feels damaged and like hay? Well Redken has the solution for that, Sun Shape Swim Cream. This is a leave in treatment that is supposed to protect your hair from the sun as well as reduce the amount of minerals and chlorine ingested by your hair. Redken was founded in 1960, however was not purchased by L'Oreal until 1993. Today Redken is known to be a global leader in professional hair care products and services.

Matrix is another prominent brand that offers an extensive line of hair care products. This includes a Morph Cream Wax from Vavoom that is used for making hair easier to work with and more pliable. For those of us with curly hair, Matrix offers a sensational line called Curl Life. Curl Life offers shampoo, conditioner, contouring milk, and contouring cream.

The contouring milk gives each individual curl definition and long lasting hold, as well as provides a light weight moisturizer and controls frizz. However, if you have thick or course hair the Contouring Cream is what you are looking for. Not only does the Contouring Cream add definition but it also holds your thick curls while it controls volume. At almost 100 years old, L'Oreal is the beauty guru that will continue to dominate the cosmetic and beauty industry for years to come.

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