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The secret to avoiding expensive hair care products is to have great hair in the first place. How to do that you ask? First and foremost, take care of your hair. Get a great cut and saving on hair care products will be a breeze. It’s truly the foundation for easy hair up-keep. Also, the uber- expensive salon products usually have lots of the same ingredients as the cheaper versions; only they have hip expensive packaging and chic marketing to add to their repertoire.

Get regular trims. Doing this will save you lots of money because your hair will look great. Forget about having a bad hair day. You’ll have less split ends and breakage, which results in more beautiful tresses. Here are lots of tips to avoid breaking the bank for stylish hair…because taking care of it, means costing you less. We’ve also mentioned some great products all under $6 to help get your hair gorgeous, with some great alternatives to expensive hair care products. Avoid the sun and heat. Those harmful UV rays from the sun can damage hair just like it damages your skin. Also, blow dryers can make hair very brittle and doing it every day can put havoc on your hair. Give it a break and let it air dry.

Also, if you color your hair, have a professional do it. But take care of it using L’Oreal Vive Color-Care Dry Defense 3 Minute Treatment. It’s formulated to help relieve brittle and dry hair from results of color or highlighted hair. However, it has two UV Filters to protect your locks from sun, water and pollution and around $5.99 at drugstores, who can complain. Residue –this can make hair look very dull, without shine. A great cheap product to try is Neutrogena’s Shampoo Anti-Residue, under $5 at most drugstores.

It is the best hair-stripper on the market. This is a truly mild formula that removes an astonishing 70% of residue caused by shampoo, conditioners and other styling products. Moisturizing your hair every week or every couple of months will make you look like you just finished your Pantene commercial a la Kelly Ripa. To get dramatic results in only a minute try VO5’s Hot Oil Treatment Moisturizing with Vitamin E, which will bring back the vitality of your hair for under $5.

No alcohol. We mean on your hair. It’s truly drying and will damage your hair. A great styling mouse that will make your hair va-va-voom is TreSemme Volumizing Mousse Mega Hold. For 10.5 oz., it will set you back about $3.99 at drugstores. You’ll enjoy alcohol free, mega hold and lots of body- full hair. It also has a thickening complex with light conditioners. Feel like a true hairstylist with Conair’s Velvet Touch Brush, about $4.69 at drugstores. As you detangle your locks, you’re adding volume. Remember; avoid brushing or combing your hair while wet. Do this and your hair will have breakage. For a comb try a wide-tooth comb. They’re great for getting out those tangles.

All of these drugstore staples are amazing alternatives to other bank-breaking beauty products. Save your money, while not scrimping on quality with hair products that work.

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