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Shaving in men is an all-time given for good grooming. Although shaving is necessary in order to maintain a clean cut look, it’s not always an easy or a comfortable task to achieve. One of the problems men face with shaving is ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are those unsightly bumps where the hair has clogged the follicle by growing into the skin. At times, the bumps can be painful if left untreated, but most of all they are bothersome. To follow are some prevention tips and also proper care of the skin before, during and after your shave.

Always prep your face by washing with warm water and facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Next, choose a shaving cream with a moisturizing agent such as aloe or Vitamin E and slather all over the area that you wish to shave. Any razor can perform a shave, however a double blade or even better, a triple bladed razor is suggested for a closer and smoother shave. A razor with more than one blade minimizes the times you shave over a certain area because the first blade cuts the hair and then the second and/or third blade cuts down the hair even closer. This is done all with one stroke with a multiple razor blade. The least you pass over the skin with the razor, the less the irritation.

Begin with the sides of your face and shave in one direction all over the area needed to be groomed. If you begin shaving in a downward direction, continue to do so whenever you shave. The same applies if you shave in an upward direction. Shaving in one direction conditions the new growth of hair to follow in that one particular direction instead of growing into the skin which causes ingrown hair. After each stroke, be sure to thoroughly rinse off the razor of any excess hair and shaving cream, which will promote smoother shaving.

For those hard to reach areas such as the top of the lip and right below the chin, place your lips inward toward your mouth and over your teeth so that the skin is stretched out and easily accessible. With the Adam’s apple, stretch your neck up towards the ceiling as much as you can while maintaining sight in the mirror of the area to be shaved. Shave one side of the Adam’s apple at a time. Again, try to maintain shaving in one direction. When doing touch ups, use short strokes to catch missed spots. Use shorthanded strokes in one direction, lift the blade off of your face, rinse and stroke again.

If irritation occurs during shaving, slather on more shaving cream; however before doing so, splash cool water on the area before you begin and make sure the blade is clean of any loose hairs and shaving cream. When done, rinse off your face with cool water to minimize the any swelling and reduce irritation.

To finalize your process, moisturize with a face cream containing Vitamin E and/or aloe and apply aftershave if desired. Aloe soothes and acts as a natural antibiotic while the Vitamin E is a moisturizer and aids with diminishing blemishes. Since most men have to shave every day, moisturizer is very important to maintain hydration in the skin. Shaving in itself strips away emollients on the skin’s surface and by placing moisturizer on your face replenishes them. The more moisturize your skin, the better your skin will feel, and the better the shave will be.

For sensitive skin, choose shaving products for your skin type. If your skin is still irritated with over the counter products, you must contact your dermatologist for a product that he/she can prescribe. For oily skin, choose oil free products especially an oil free face wash to remove any excess oil and debris before shaving. For combination skin, choose appropriately. For dry skin, you want products that have extra emollients since dry skin can be easily irritated by a razor. With good practice and a few followed suggestions, you can prevent a few of the obstacles that prevent you from obtaining the close shave you wish to have. Of course, proper maintenance helps to achieve better, healthy, and comfortable skin.

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