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As you tailor your scent to fit your look, your scent will ultimately become your signature look.

Tailoring your scent to your look is just as easy as creating any look you want to exude. Think of yourself as a piece of art and what you want others to view you as. Ask yourself questions, such as "Who do I want to be today". And become it, by wearing a fragrance that fits your personality or a personality you want others to think you have. Here are some great tips to find a scent perfect for you.

What's Your Personality?/span>

Are you on the wild side or demure? Are you soft and sexy or chic and simple? Or, are you shy and want to be perceived as a little more wild? All of these things play into what type of perfume you should wear. Perfume is a great way to make you seem a little more edgy or a little more soft and sweet. The outcome is up to you.

What Types of Scents Attract You?

This is very important to consider since you want to stay in the realm of who you are. Go to your local department store and smell lots of different scents. Ask the sales person for various samples so you can test them and see how you like the scent and more importantly how long they last.

There are so many perfumes you could buy, from department store brands, to freestanding boutiques and even drug store brands. There is an array of perfumes these days with very different scents, so make sure it is the right aroma for you. Is it strong, subtle, floral or spicy that you're attracted to? If you keep going back to a particular scent, chances are it's the perfume for you.

For The Look You Want to Achieve

For the perfectly pristine well-tailored woman - try Coco Chanel Mademoiselle parfum, which has an Oriental influence and has notes of vanilla, jasmine, rose petals, among other notes. If you want: add an essential oil -try vanilla. If you're a timeless beauty with a feminine flair, try Kate Spade's eau de Parfum, which showcases Ms. Spade's love of white flowers with a high note being Honeysuckle. Other notes include gardenia, tuberose and jasmine.

For a soft sensual fragrance check out Sheer Stella by Stella McCartney. It's a fresh, soft and sensual fragrance with notes of Bulgarian rose, rose absolute warmed with sensual amber. Other notes include, rose water, dades rose and alpine rose. If you are in love with the soft scent of rose, this is the perfume for you. For the spicy and seductive woman with feline qualities, go for Christian Dior's Poison. It’s a strong fruity scent with notes that include coriander, orange honey, tuberose and wild berries.

For a harsher Poison, Dior created Hypnotic Poison in the red bottle with notes that include, musk, bitter almond, moss, jacaranda wood, to name a few. A lighter Poison parfum from Dior is Tendre Poison, which is great for daytime use and has notes that include aromatic galbanum, mandarin, orange blossom and freesia for a lighter scent.

For a light fresh scent with a no-hassle attitude, Gucci Envy Sun Mist may be for you. This is an alcohol-free fragrance that was inspired by the vine flower. Green notes, magnolia flower and violet are some of the notes that make up the perfume. For a clean scent, try Clean Ultimate with notes of Italian bergamot, lavender, white rose, among other tantalizing scents.

There are so many things you can do to perk up the existing fragrances you love. Add extra flavor to your favorite perfumes by using essential oils. If you’re already using a perfume and you want to add another fragrance, try to stay in the same fragrant family. For example, if the perfume you’re using now has a strong base of flowers, stay in the floral family. The same goes with fruity fragrances and many others. If you're not sure, try adding an essential oil of rose or vanilla, which mixes well with most perfumes.

When looking for essential oils to add to your favorite perfumes, try one that has pheromones, an odorless chemical substance that increases sexual attraction from the opposite sex. If you’re not in to heavy, strong scents, there are many companies that offer body splashes or mists. Try Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works for light fragrant smells in scents such as vanilla, pear, apple and so much more. Many women just use an essential oil as a perfume like rose oil, which has a long lasting effect. Last but not least, fragrance can define who you are and who you want to be. If you choose a scent that fits your personality, your scent will ultimately become your trademark.

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