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Do you have a feature that you wish you could change? Here are some tips to improve your looks by de-emphasizing your least favorite features.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Is there a feature that you dislike?

You know your face better than anyone-- you’ve been looking at it in the mirror your whole life. Or maybe it’s your body that you check out. Either way, when you look in the mirror, chances are you see something that you wish you could change.

We’re all critical of ourselves, but in order to have true self confidence, it is important to feel good about your appearance. Whether you have small eyes, thin hair, a large nose or a protruding tummy, here are some tips for improving your least favorite trait.


Your skin is by far your most important feature. You can have beautiful eyes and a perfect nose, but if you have bad skin that is what people will notice. There are many products available to help you care for your skin. If you have acne, consider going to a dermatologist, even if you feel you can’t afford it. It is a worthwhile investment. If you have scarring, you may want to consider chemical peel treatments or an at-home “microdermabrasion” kit. If you have an occasional breakout, try some over the counter products and schedule monthly facials.

For an inexpensive skin care treatment, try giving yourself an at-home facial by following these steps:

Cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild soap or cleanser. Apply an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead top layer of your skin. Steam your face by adding herbs or fragrance to a pot of boiling water. Drape a towel over your head and hold your face above the boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Apply a facial mask to your skin. Let it dry and rinse it off. Finally, slather your face with a facial moisturizer. Your skin will look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated


Many people feel that their hair is their biggest beauty problem. If you are having too many bad hair days, try these tips:

If your hair is too thin, try applying mousse or other “volumizing” products to the roots of your hair to thicken it up. You may also want to consider coloring your hair. The hair color builds up on the hair strands, making your hair appear fuller.

If your hair is unruly or too curly for your liking, you can find a salon that offers thermal reconditioning. This Japanese straightening procedure is somewhat pricey, but it lasts for several months.


To make small eyes appear larger, use a dark colored eye shadow or eyeliner pencil and outline the top and bottom lash lines, making sure that the top and bottom lines connect.

For a more dramatic eye-popping look, apply a matte eye shadow over the entire eyelid. Use a dark eyeliner pencil to line the upper and lower eyelids, all the way across and out to the outer corner. Apply a darker shade of eye shadow to the crease of the eyelid and blend well.

Always make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped. Incorrectly tweezed brows can be extremely unflattering, so have a professional shape them properly and then be sure to maintain them.


A large nose can make you feel self-conscious. To minimize a large nose, apply brown eye shadow or bronzing powder on either side of the nose and blend well. This “shadowing” will make your nose appear smaller.


If your lips are too thin and you want them to appear fuller, outline the outside of your lip line with a lip liner pencil. Apply a light colored lipstick with a lip brush (dark colored lipsticks make your lips look smaller), making sure to blend it into the lip liner. Add a dab of lip gloss in the center of your lips to create an illusion of fullness.

If your lips are too full and you want to minimize them, outline the inside of your lip line with a lip liner pencil and then apply a dark colored lipstick.


If your tummy is too large, try to draw attention up to your neckline by wearing a necklace or an embellished top. Do not wear clothing that draws attention to your stomach, such as pleated or belted pants.

If your thighs are too large, avoid pleated pants which can make your body appear wider than it actually is. Try wearing straight-leg pants, which are the same width from the top of the leg to the bottom, and avoid tight fitting pants.

If your bust line is too small you can make it appear larger by wearing light or bright colored tops. If your bust line is too large, try to divert attention from it. Wear slim fitting pants or skirts and avoid shirts that are too tight. Instead, wear slightly loose tops in dark colors.

By using these tips, you can help to minimize the traits that you dislike. But remember, what you may view as a flaw, someone else may see as a trait that makes you unique. So maybe, just maybe, you should take one more look in the mirror. Maybe you will see that you don’t need to change anything at all