Benefits of Gelatin

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What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is made from the connective tissue of animals called collagen. This tissue is present throughout the body and provides the structure to keep everything connected, yet flexible.

Joints in particular is very rich in collagen. It is a material that is important in keeping them healthy and functioning properly. A large part of skin is also collagen and having more collagen within the skin will help it look young and wrinkle free.

Is Gelatin Fattening?

Gelatin itself is a protein, rather than fat, but a gelatin dessert usually has sugar added, which can make you pack on the pounds. You can remedy this by purchasing gelatin separately and making desserts with fruit juices that contain low sugar, or diluting the juice in water.

Agar Gelatin

Most jello desserts from the supermarket contain not only tons of sugar, but also artificial dyes. That is why it is best to replace them with pure agar gelatin, which contains the gelatin that you need without the extra ingredients that you don’t. An added benefit to agar gelatin is that it is not derived from animals and can be consumed by vegans and vegetarians.