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Are you or have you recently become a vegetarian or vegan? Many vegetarians may not know it, but gelatin like in those jelly desserts, which so many people love is actually an animal byproduct. Not to worry, however. There is an alternative out there, and you can continue to enjoy those jelly deserts and get the benefits of gelatin

Agar agar gelatin is a great substitute to regular powdered gelatin. Instead of being made from the bones and skin of animals, it is made from seaweed. Add 1 tablespoon of agar powder to 1 cup of liquid. Use fresh fruit juice or mix concentrated powder.

Stir while heating until it is up to a boil. Then pour into a container for hardening and cool in the refrigerator. Bits of fruit can be suspended within the mixture as well. Look for agar powder in health food stores and bakery suppliers.

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