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A nebulizer can be a great help in treating sinusitis and other respiratory conditions. Several 20 minute sessions a day can help clear your passages and improve breathing.

How does Nebulization Work?

Nebulization works by vaporizing a solution and allowing you to breathe it in. The solution can be composed of just saline and soothing agents that clear up mucus and open up airways, or contain a medication, which gets delivered right to the site of the infection.

What is Nebulization with Saline For?

Nebulization serves to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis by opening up air passages, lubricating them, and thinning out mucus. It can also be used as a delivery method for medication or soothing compounds. It is particularly useful after surgery to hydrate and break up any scabs and secretions.

Nebulization with Saline for Sinusitis

To perform nebulization with saline, you will need a nebulizer and sterile saline solution. Sit in a comfortable position, fill your nebulizer with the saline solution, and position the mask over your face. Breathe for about 20 minutes. It is recommended that you do not lay down because of the danger of a buildup of secretions.

Home Treatment for Sinusitis

If a nebulizer is not available, some relief for sinusitis can be provided by inhaling steam. This may be either done from the shower or sauna.

Natural Treatment for Sinusitis

Like the shower treatment, this remedy utilizes the power of steam to deliver natural soothing substances into the air passages. Chamomile or eucalyptus tea is brewed and inhaled from a bowel with the help of a towel to keep the steam in. More information on this treatment can be on the home remedies for sinusitis page.

Contraindications of Nebulization

There are no contraindications for treatment with nebulization and it can be safely used on kids, adults, and even during pregnancy. However, if nebulization is paired with a drug, your doctor will inform you of possible side effects from that drug. Inform your doctor if you are using any herbs or natural plants as treatment with nebulization to prevent interactions with other drugs, and toxicity.

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