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Treatment for sinusitis is usually antibiotics if the condition has persisted longer than 10 days. Nasal rinses and steam inhalations with medicinal herbs can be beneficial to treatment.

Home Remedy for Sinusitis

A good home remedy for sinusitis is to wash out your sinuses with a saline solution. You can purchase sterile saline solution or make your own. Use 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of baking soda to 2 cups of water. Distilled water is best but filtered or boiled water can be used as well.

Once you have your solution you may rinse out your sinuses by tilting your head to the side, pouring some into one nostril, and letting it come out of the other nostril. Alternatively, you can tilt your head back and let the water drip into your throat. Once in your throat suction it with your mouth and spit it out.

Natural Treatment for Sinusitis

Eucalyptus and chamomile may be inhaled to treat the symptoms and help free up mucus. Learn more about sinusitis nebulization treatment.

Medical Treatment for Sinusitis

Antibiotics like amoxicillin are usually used for bacterial sinusitis.

Surgical Treatment for Sinusitis

Surgery is performed if it has been determined that a chronic or recurring case of sinusitis is caused by a structural abnormality within the sinus passages.

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