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Gelatin allergies can be quite troublesome because the ingredient is used as a thickening agent in so many of the products we use, from foods to creams. But having an allergic reaction to gelatin does not necessarily mean you are allergic to the gelatin itself.

Gelatin is made from either pork or beef and people that are allergic to pork or beef can be allergic to gelatin derived from these sources. If you have a known allergy to these meats, it is advisable to look for gelatin derived from other sources. Another potential alternative is agar agar gelatin.

A possible reason for an allergic reaction to gelatin is preservatives or dyes that are present within it. If this is the case then pure gelatin can be used instead. Lacking dyes and other chemicals, pure gelatin can be mixed with fruit juice to create a dessert that is allergen free and healthy.

Gelatin Allergy in Kids

Gelatin should not be fed to children younger than one year of age. Pure gelatin is suggested to be used when preparing desserts for young children so as to avoid the dyes and other chemicals that may incite an allergic reaction. Some kids, however, will be allergic to the gelatin itself. Take care to avoid it and educate yourself which foods and products may use this ingredient.

Gelatin Allergy and Vaccines

Some vaccines, such as those against yellow fever and rabies, either have a gelatin component, or were in contact with gelatin. Consult with your healthcare provider to make sure it is safe before being vaccinated or vaccinating your child.

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