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Baby allergies are difficult to diagnose because they are not always apparent. Furthermore, it can me quite difficult to identify the cause of these allergies because a baby could be allergic to pretty much anything.

Signs of baby allergies depend on the allergen. Airborne allergens, such as mold and pollen will make the baby have a runny nose or difficulty breathing. Food allergies will cause swelling in the mouth as well as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Skin rash can also accompany these symptoms.

Prevention and Identification of Baby Allergy

Keep the area where the baby stays clean and free of dirt, dust, and pet hair. A filter can help reduce airborne allergens. If the symptoms indicate a food allergy, try removing foods from the baby’s until the symptoms subside. When they do, the food that was removed was probably the cause. If you are unable to identify the allergen, then it may be best to be referred to a specialist who will be able to administer an allergy test in an effort to identify the culprit.

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